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Meet the Governors

Confidentiality Statement: Governors respect the confidential nature of discussions and do not disclose governor business or decisions. When minutes of governing body meetings, Part 1, are approved they are made available to any member of the public who requests sight of them.

Professional Negligence Statement: Advice given by governors at this school is incidental to their professional expertise and is not being given in their professional capacity.


The Governing Body has adopted an open meeting protocol, which is published here for those who might wish to attend a meeting. The Governing Body has also agreed a Code of Conduct, which sets out the expectations and commitment required from members of the governing body.


The Governing Body of Thames Ditton Infant School was reconstituted on 1st September 2016 with a change of status to a Foundation School.


The Governing Body currently comprises a total of 14 governors and associate members who do not have voting rights:


  • 4 elected parent governors,
  • 1 elected staff governor,
  • 1 Local Authority governor,
  • 1 Headteacher,
  • 5 Co-opted governors, and
  • 2 Foundation governors


Governors are appointed for a term of four years.


There are four committees:

  • Finance and Resources;
  • Personnel (with a Pay Committee from time to time)
  • Safeguarding
  • Curriculum and Data.


These committees do much of the work and report to the Full Governing Body.


There are four FGB meetings in an academic year – two in the first term – and each Committee meets three times during the year (due to COVID-19, Committee Meetings were not held in the summer term, but FGB meetings continued virtually). Governors work for the good of the school, providing a strategic overview and holding the Senior Leadership Team to account.


Governing Body


  Governor Type Committee Specialisms Date of Appointment Term of Office (end date)
Mrs Rebecca Hicks Headteacher All   01/09/2012  
Mr Richard Ascough Co-opted Governor

Pay Committee

Personnel  Committee

Co-Chair and Chair of Personnel & Safeguarding Committee with responsibility for liaison with LA in the event of allegation against the HT


20/09/2017 19/09/2021
Mr Jay Bimbrah Co-opted Governor

Pay Committee 

Safeguarding Committee

Finance & Resources Committee 

Vice-Chair and Safeguarding Governor


26/10/2018 25/10/2022
Ms Hannah Evans Co-opted Governor Personnel & Safeguarding Committee   03/12/2019 02/12/2023
Dr Claire Thorne Co-opted Governor Finance Committee   26/10/2018 25/10/2022
Ms Charissa Fiander-Derry Foundation Governor Curriculum & Data Committee Co-Chair and Chair of Curriculum & Data Committee 20/06/2017 19/06/2021
Mr Jeremy Scroxton Foundation Governor Curriculum & Data Committee SEND Governor  20/06/2017 19/06/2021
Mr Rob Cloete Parent Governor Finance & Resources Committee Chair of Finance & Resources Committee 31/10/2017 30/10/2021
Mr Matt Bowen Local Authority Governor Finance & Resources Committee   01/09/2020 31/08/2024
Dr Elizabeth Scott-Baumann Parent Governor Curriculum and Data Committee Governor with responsibility for Looked after and Disadvantaged Children 12/12/2018 11/12/2022
Mrs Sophie Frame Staff Governor

Curriculum & Data Committee

Safeguarding Committee

  29/01/2020 28/01/2024
Mr Ivo Gatto Associate Member Personnel & Safeguarding Committee   2/04/2019 01/04/2023
Dr Nitu Gehdu Co-opted Governor Safeguarding Committee   22/09/2020 21/09/2024
Mrs Tania Dean Other


Finance & Resources Committee

Other committees as required

School Business Manager 01/09/2018  
Governors who have retired or stepped down in the last 12 months          
Mr Adel Mozammel       26/10/2018 27/02/2020
Mr Bruce Perry       1/09/2016 31/08/2020
Mr Ian Benjamin       12/07/2016 11/07/2020
Mrs Davina Whitten-Eisenacher Associate Member     02/04/2019 25/01/2021


Clerk to the Governing Body is Sara Morgan.


Governors must also declare any conflicts of interest in agenda items before every meeting.


Bruce Perry has retired as the Local Authority Governor, effective 31 August 2020. He was appointed 1st September 2016. He has been succeeded by Matt Bowen in this role, previously a Parent Governor until 11 July 2020.


Ian Benjamin has retired as a Parent Governor, effective 11 July 2020. He was appointed 12 July 2016.


Adel Mozammel has stepped down as a Co-opted Governor, effective 27 February 2020. He was appointed 26 Oct 2018.


Davina Whitten has stepped down as an Associate Member, effective 25 January 2021. 


There are currently two Parent Governor vacancies.


Governing Body Meeting Dates for Academic Year 2020-21


Autumn Term 2020:  Tuesday 22 September at 7.00pm (Business meeting).

                               Tuesday 8 December at 7.00pm

Spring Term 2021:    Tuesday 23 March at 7.00 pm

Summer Term 2021: Monday 12 July at 7.00 pm