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Meet the Governors

Please find below details of our Governing Body including dates of meetings, membership of committees, and the Annual Reports from the Governing Body.

Governing body meetings are open to the public but any individual who does wish to observe a meeting will need to make an application through the clerk to attend.


Dates of Forthcoming Meetings and Future Agenda Items 2018/2019

Full Governing Body Meetings

Autumn Term Tuesday 2nd October 2018 7pm
Autumn Term Tuesday 4th December 2018 7pm
Spring Term Tuesday 26th March 7pm
Summer Term Tuesday 9th July  7pm


The Governing Body of Thames Ditton Infant School reconstituted on 1st September 2016 following its change of status to a Foundation School. The Governing Body now consists of 4 parent governors,1 staff governor,1 Local Authority governor,1 Headteacher, 5 Co-opted governors, and 2 Foundation governors - a total of 14 governors.


The Governors are :-


Mrs Melanie Bennett,    Co-opted Governor        appointed 01.09.2015

Mr Iain Campbell,          Co-opted Governor        appointed 06.01.2016 

Mrs. Tessa Griffiths       Co-opted Governor        appointed 11.07.2017         Chair Of Governors

        (previously parent governor)

Mrs Jan Hand                Co-opted Governor      appointed 01.04.2017

        (previously foundation governor)

Mr Richard Ascough     Co-opted Governor       appointed 20.09.2017

(previously associate governor)

Mrs. Charissa Fiander-Derry,    

                                     Foundation Governor     appointed 20.06.2017

Mr Jeremy Scroxton     Foundation Governor     apppinted 20.06.2017

Mr. Bruce Perry,           LA Governor                   appointed 01.09.2016         Vice Chair of Governors

Mr. Robert Cloete         Parent Governor            appointed 31.10.2017

Mr Matt Bowen             Parent Governor            appointed 12.07.2016

Mr Ian Benjamin           Parent Governor            appointed 12.07.2016

Vacancy                        Parent Governor

Mrs Sophie Frame,      Staff Governor               appointed 29.01.2016

Mrs. Rebecca Hicks,    Headteacher                  appointed 01.09.2012


Mrs Julia Russell          Associate Governor      appointed 11.07.2017

(previously co-opted governor)


Clerk to Governing Body, Mrs Sally Burns,     appointed 01.01.2005


The following governors have left the governing body since 01.09.2016

Dr Samin Saeed          Associate Governor       appointed 06.01.2016 - LEFT 31.12.2016

Erin Willson                 Co-opted Governor        appointed 01.09.2015 - LEFT 31.03.2017

Mrs Lucy Morris,           Co-opted Governor        appointed 06.01.2016 - LEFT 31.08.2017

Mr Philip Shortman      Parent Governor            appointed 16.10.2013 - LEFT 15.10.2017


Committee Membership and Attendance

Safeguarding and Wellbeing Committee

Jan Hand, Bruce Perry, Sophie Frame, Rebecca Hicks


Personnel Committee

Melanie Bennett, Jan Hand, Richard Ascough, Rebecca Hicks


Finance Committee

Iain Campbell, Phil Shortman, Matt Bowen, Tessa Griffiths, Ian Benjamin, Rebecca Hicks


Assessment and Data Committee

Tessa Griffiths, Matt Bowen, Jeremy Scoxton, Rebecca Hicks


Curriculum Committee

Charissa-Fiander, Sophie Frame, Jeremy Scroxton, Rebecca Hicks


Pay Committee

Melanie Bennett, Jan Hand, Richard Ascough, Rebecca Hicks


Attendance 2017-2018

Mrs Melanie Bennett     Governing Body meetings  1 of 2       Committee meetings 2 of 2

Mr Iain Campbell           Governing Body meetings  1 of 2       Committee meetings 2 of 2      

Mr Robert Cloete           Governing Body meetings  1 of 1      Committee meetings 0 of 0  

Mrs. Rebecca Hicks    Governing Body meetings  2 of 2       Committee meetings 7 of 7

Mrs. Jan Hand              Governing Body meetings  1 of 2       Committee meetings 1 of 3       

Mr. Bruce Perry            Governing Body meetings  1 of 2       Committee meetings 1 of 2     

Mr. Philip Shortman      Governing Body meetings  1 of 1       Committee meetings 1 of 1  

Mrs. Tessa Griffiths      Governing Body meetings  2 of 2       Committee meetings 4 of 4 

Mr Matt Bowen             Governing Body meetings  2 of 2       Committee meetings 2 of 2 

Mr Ian Benjamin           Governing Body meetings  2 of 2       Committee meetings 1 of 2    

Mrs Sophie Frame        Governing Body meetings  2 of 2       Committee meetings 2 of 2

Mrs Charissa Fiander-Derry

                                      Governing Body meetings 1 of 1        Committee meetings 1 of 1

Mr Jeremy Scroxton      Governing Body meetings 1 of 1        Committee meetings 1 of 2


Mr Richard Ascough     Governing Body meetings  1 of 2       Committee meetings 1 of 1

Mrs Julia Russell          Governing Body meetings  1 of 2       Committee meetings 0 of 0 


Register of Interests as declared 2017/2018



Name of Organisation

Nature of Business

Nature of Interest

Date Declared

Melanie Bennett

Chemistry Recruiters




Iain Campbell



Parent of pupil







Julia Russell



Parent of pupil







Rebecca Hicks

Thames Ditton Infant School




Jan Hand










Bruce Perry



Relative of pupil


Phil Shortman





Tessa Griffiths


Ember Learning Trust

Department of Education


Co-operative Trust


Parent Governor





Matt Bowen



Parent Governor


Ian Benjamin


Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

Law Firm

Parent Governor



Sophie Frame

Thames Ditton Infant School




Jeremy Scroxton None     18/09/2017

Charissa Fiander-Derry

    Parent of pupil 19/09/2017
Richard Ascough None     19/09/2017
Sally Burns, Clerk Thames Ditton Infant School Education Employee 19/09/2017